Certificate IV Websites

Hi! My name is Aaron. I am currently studying software development at TafeSA after I finished my website development course at the end of 2009. I originally set up this site to test the accessibility of my websites before I submitted the assignments, however, you can now access my software projects below as well.

Some of my assignments have been uploaded as whole assignments not as individual sections!

NOTE: Those websites are best viewed using 1024 * 768 pixels.



Fruit Shop
Fruit Shop (Redesign)


Corvette Veterans' Club
Tumbalong Giants Soccer Club
Night's Hell Hole


Bazaar Ceramics (html version)
Bazaar Ceramics (flash version)

My code projects: (VB6, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Flash, C#, ASP.net):

Backup mysql database 5.3.0
Visual Basic 6.0 Office Outlook mail retrieval
Visual Basic 6.0 Client/Server example
Visual Basic 6.0 Get number of file in a directory
Visual Basic 6.0 Get and Save Ascii Values on keyboard
Visual Basic 6.0 Get control name
Visual Basic 6.0 Copy application to a different directory
Flash Action Script 3 - XML button label
VB6.0 - Basic Flash Player
VB6.0 - Mail Retrieval
Mini MP3 Player
GTA IV Controls Override

Feel free to contact me: spehr.aaron@gmail.com

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